Memoji | Create your own Animoji

Do you need to share a smile with friends? Memoji is going to be the trend of mobile communication. No more boring conversations because you have this amazing thing now. How to define this? Memoji is the latest communication method which uses the most advanced technologies. Memoji was introduced as the next move of Animoji which was introduced last year by the famous Apple Company. Using Memoji you can send messages by creating customized Animojis just look like you, rather than creating Animoji of an animal or alien. The Animoji feature and this new Memoji feature operate with the help of true depth camera and the depth-sensing technology of your iPhone. Expanding the customization ability will be an interesting feature for you. You can do anything to your Animoji with this. Memoji allows you to add many features to your Animoji. If you want to add pink hair to the Animoji, you can do it. Adding skin colors and other facial features will make your message very unique.


How to create Memoji

First, you need to understand this is a new update of the previous Animoji feature. So you can find the Memoji feature in the Animoji list on iMessage app. To create a Memoji, Open any contact in the iMessage app and go to the Animoji list by clicking on the Monkey Animoji button at the bottom of the screen. There you can see the list of the Animoji faces. You can create Animoji messages by selecting one of them and there you can see 20 different Animoji faces including the 4 new characters of the latest Animoji update. On the other hand, you can create Memoji. There is a + icon at the beginning of the Animoji list. Click it and starts to create a very unique message for you. You can create any number of Memojis. You can create your own face, faces of your family members and friends and also your favorite celebrity's face.

Memoji is obviously the most expressive communication tool because you can customize the hairstyles, skin color, nose, lips and also the shape of the Memoji. Also, you can change the age of the character you create. When you get to Memoji there is just a 3D animated face. But the new iPhone has provided you with all the features to make it really looks like a human. You can start with the skin color and you will find it amazing to customize the hairstyle, the age, and the face, eyes, eyebrows, ears, and beard. The best thing is you can change the color of each and every feature. Besides the facial features, you can dress up the Memoji with hats, earrings, and eyewear. You will be able to change the fashion and the color of them. Finally, you can add your creation to the Animoji list. If you want to edit your Memoji then you can have the edit option. And you can have duplicate Memoji too.

Express using Memoji

After designing your Memoji character you can animate it using your facial muscles to express your feelings in any way you like. While animating you can add your voice too. The true depth camera tracks your facial movements to create the Memoji. With this technology, you can share the real expression that you exactly want to share. Thanks to the iOS 12 update now you can record any Animoji or Memoji form 30 seconds. Most importantly you can create Emojis from Memoji. All you got to do is to make any expression and drag and drop the Memoji on the conversation. If you want to get a photo with your Memoji faces, you can take it and save it to the photos app of your iPhone. And also if you are in a video chat, you can add any Memoji face to the video chat.


Emoji, Animoji and the Memoji

Emoji was the first one of the line. Animoji and the Memoji were born on the base of Emoji. Emoji could reduce the limitations of text messaging such as boringness, long written messages and the lack of expressiveness. But there was a limit to Emoji. Emoji had a list of stickers and there were updates day by day. But they are just stickers created by the developers. The users could not customize it as they wanted. Then the Apple Company introduced the amazing Animoji technology. This was born with the customization ability. There are 20 different Animoji faces with totally different characters. You can choose them according to any situations and create messages as you wish. For now, there are only 20 different choices. But Memoji, the latest update has given you limitless choices. Now you have all the powers to customize your messages and enjoy your conversations in a lovely way.


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