Best iPhone X features

The Best iPhone X Features

The all-new iPhone X is the best and the most advanced iPhone built by the Apple Company. The best iPhone X features have made a revolution in the field of mobile phones and it is obvious that the new iPhone X is a great piece of technology. Actually, iPhone X was a dream for the Apple Developers and this iPhone hub a lot of brand new technologies and features. These technologies and features have made this iPhone so special and mind-blowing. Now we will look into the most popular and the best iPhone X Features.

Animoji – Express yourself freely

Animoji is a brand new invention for all the smart device users. Because there was nothing like Animoji before Apple introduced it. Animoji first came into use as one of the best iPhone X features. And it is a unique feature for the new iPhone. The Apple Developers introduces Animoji as “Animated Emojis”. It was called so because they were designed based on the emojis which are on our mobile devices. Have you ever thought that you could send a message through a talking 3D Animation? That is now possible with the best iPhone X features. There are 12 Apple Animojis for you to share your thoughts. The best thing is these Cool Animojis have unique features and expressions. It is very easy to use Animojis and you will find them in your iMessage app of the new iPhone X.

Actually, the iPhone X Animoji was developed with the intention of adding more expressiveness to your messages. Because people use text messages widely through different mediums. Because it is an easy and a quick way to communicate. But there is no any feelings, emotions or expressions in those text messages. Thus the meaning of the message is not properly communicated. For this issue, people used emojis which were in our texting apps. But emojis were not the expected solution. The reason was just with some sticker faces people could not express what they really wanted to mean. Simply emojis are not customizable and our own unique emojis could not be created.

As one of the best iPhone X features, it is quite sure that Animoji will be the perfect solution and it will make any unique expression you want. This latest Animojis tracks more than 50 facial muscles of your face. Most importantly after you select any Animoji, it immediately starts tracking your face. Then it will get animated according to your facial movements and you can control them just with your face. You can record your voice to an Animoji while animating it. Then you can send it as a message and you can send these kinds of messages to anyone. This is the coolest way to use Animoji and even you can use them as customized emoji stickers.

An iPhone that is all display

The new display comes with the best iPhone X features because of its stunning features. For over a decade Apple Developers were trying to make an iPhone that is all display. That intention became a success with the all-new iPhone X. In the iPhone X, you cannot separate the display and the device. There is no boundary between them and you will feel like you are holding the entire screen. It is a 5.8-inch edge to edge organic LED display and the iPhone X display is the sharpest display ever on a mobile phone. On the other hand, the stainless steel band adds a glamorous look for the new iPhone and it perfectly matches with the display and the glass design. This edge helps to protect the iPhone by absorbing pressure if the phone falls down. The new glass design of the iPhone X enables wireless charging for the first time in any mobile phone. Thus this extraordinary display counts under the best iPhone X features.

Face ID took away the Home button

The face ID is totally a next level piece of technology. This feature was included in the new iPhone X with two main intentions. That is to allow iPhone X users to unlock their iPhone just with a look and to use Apple Pay easily. The face ID technology has made your face your secure password and you can unlock your iPhone with a glance. On the other hand, this feature has taken the Home button away because you don’t need to use the fingerprint. The true depth camera and the depth-sensing technology are the key resources behind face ID. And this technology is one of the best iPhone X features.

The depth sensing technology and the true depth camera analyze your face using 30000 invisible dots and create a unique map of your face. This data is used to identify your face by the iPhone in unlocking it. This technology can identify it user even in the dark and even the user’s physical appearance of the face has changed. That means if the user has had a haircut, a makeup or even when wearing glasses, this best iPhone X features will recognize the face in no time.

The True-Depth camera

The all-new front camera of the iPhone X creates a platform for other technologies within the iPhone X. Those technologies are the Animoji technology and the face detection technology that helps the face ID. This extraordinary camera is contained in a tiny space at the top of the screen and the depth-sensing technology to assist the above features. The rear facing dual camera system has been redesigned and have many advancements.

In the iPhone X, both front and the rear facing cameras have the portrait mode. This portrait technology creates the real studio lighting for your photo. You can choose from 5 different portrait lightning effects. This portrait lighting can be added when you are in the portrait mode or you can add them in after effects. Another one of the best iPhone X features of this extraordinary camera is that it detects the background of the scene even before taking the photo in order to optimize the photo. All these data are annualized by an A11 bionic chip. This is the first generation of this chip and it is the most advanced processor found in any mobile phone. With this best iPhone X features, you can take amazing photos.

iOS 11 and the gestures.

iOS 11 in the new iPhone X has created a lot of user-friendly features and it has a lot of cool upgrades. And this is one of the best iPhone X features. There are a number of awesome gestures in the new iPhone and they are even unique for this iPhone. There is no Home button in the iPhone X and you can get to home just by swiping up. Then you can get to the all opened apps by swiping up and holding the screen. Then you can move between the apps by swiping. Or else by swiping along the bottom of the opened apps you can move between apps. To see all your notification swipe down from the top. Then if you swipe right you will get the widgets and swipe left to get the camera.

To get into the control center simply swipe down from the top right corner and swipe up to dismiss it. At the bottom sides of the screen, you will find the quick access buttons to flashlight and camera. To contact Siri press and hold the new side button or simply say “Hey Siri” like before. And you can press and hold either the side button or the volume button to turn off the iPhone. All these best iPhone X features have mad the new iPhone a unique and an extraordinary piece of technology.


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