Apple animoji

Apple Animoji – Apple Face Detection Technology gives life to Emoji

Apple animoji is one of the greatest invention made by Apple developers. It was Apple Company who invented such an advanced and a creative technology for mobile phones for the first time in history. The name animoji stands for “Animated Emoji” this is a technology where iPhone users can send and receive animated emojis through iMessages. Apple animoji will allow you to create your own customized emojis in a limitless way. In Apple animoji, you have a dozen of new faces to select. This has created a new level in sending messages. And this obviously brings a new experience for the users. This creative piece of technology was first introduced in iPhone X.

Apple Animoji for iPhone X

It is obvious that iPhone X is a masterpiece done by Apple Company. This phone will create a revolution in mobile phone industry due to its outstanding features. And it is all good news for iPhone users and fans. There is the reason why animoji was introduced with the all-new iPhone X. That is because of its extraordinary camera and its technology. The new iPhone X has a technology where it uses its camera to identify its user’s face. This is one of the advanced technologies in the world and a key feature of iPhone X.

The newest edition of iPhone operating system, iOS 11 provides the platform for Apple animoji. You can find animoji in iMessages in iPhone X with all the new features. Users can choose any of the 12 apple animojis to animate as the wish. Most importantly these animojis have unique expressions. Hence users can select the most suitable apple animoji and express their feeling and expressions like a live conversation.

Apple Animoji Technology

The extraordinary camera of iPhone X and iOS 11 is the foundation to create Apple animated emojis. The new face detection technology uses. The iPhone X camera uses the depth-sensing technology to identify its users face by creating a unique facial geometry with 30000 invincible dots. This is known as “Face ID” which is designed to unlock the phone more easily and to use Apple Pay. This new technology will give apple users an experience like never before.

The Face Detection Technology

It is the above face-identifying technology that is used in Apple animoji. When it comes to animoji the camera of the iPhone identifies 50 different facial muscles and animated the emoji according to its user’s choice. The emoji gets animated according to the facial movements and it is totally controlled by the user. This Apple animoji is full of expressiveness and it will communicate a lot to the receiver.

Apple animoji technology allows the iPhone users to experience message communication in a totally different and a new way. That is far beyond the traditional messaging practices. Even voice messages have also upgraded to the next level. You can animate any of the animojis with all your facial expressions plus your voice. That means the receiver feels like it is the real person. On the other hand, animojis can even be used as stickers where you can customize or animate any emoji to any of your facial expression.


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