Animoji – The next level of communication through Emoji

Animoji is one of the groundbreaking technologies introduced by the Apple Company. This technology was first introduced with iPhone X which is the best iPhone ever built. And the newest iPhone operating system iOS 11 also comes in handy along with animoji technology. We all know that iPhone 8, iPhone has been released to the market but not the iPhone X. Therefore iPhone fans should be aware that animoji technology is yet designed for iPhone X. Because sometimes you may buy an iPhone 8 or an iPhone Plus looking for the animoji feature.

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Actually What is Animoji?

Animoji is an advanced facial tracking technology which is built on the foundation of face detection feature of new iPhone X camera. Simply it can be defined as “Animated Emoji”. That means the general emoji has reached the next level where they are 3D animated. Using this you can communicate the exact feeling or the facial expression through iMessages. You can customize it with any of your expression. For now, there are 12 awesome animojis to communicate anything with the exact inner feelings. And fox, alien, chicken, robot, cat, monkey and unicorn are some popular faces.

One way you can use this technology is recording your voice and communicating that through an animoji with all those tiny facial moves happens when you speak and express yourself in different situations. Also, you can make any of the facial expression on an animoji and use it as a sticker. Even this 3D animated emojis can be view in fullscreen. You will get a whole new level of experience with this new feature compared to general emojis used in your mobile phones. And it is really interesting and fun. Another important thing is that you can use the general emojis at the same time in iMessage.

How does Animoji technology works?

This technology is totally based on your facial expressions. According to the developers, it uses 50 facial muscles of the user to create an animoji. The users will control the animojis with their facial muscles and express themselves just like in a face to face conversation. The face recognition technology of the all-new iPhone X has become the key resource and the foundation to innovate this technology.

Face recognition technology is a stunning invention made by Apple developers. It was introduced as a key to unlock an iPhone and to use Apple pay easily. The highly sensitive cameras on new iPhone X uses depth-sensing technology to recognize its user’s face and create a unique map of the user’s face with 30000 dots. They call it “Face ID”. This same technology is used in creating real-time animojis

How to get into Animoji?

You will find the animoji feature in iMessage in your new iPhone X. Just click the icon and you will get all your favorite animated emojis. The all you have to do is to select one of them and animate it in any way you like and send it to others and enjoy the moment. In a way, animoji makes your life easier. You don’t have to type long messages anymore. Even you don’t have to send boring voice messages. Just animate your animoji with your facial expressions and voice and it will do the rest for you.

Another key feature is that these 12 animations are different to one another and have unique expressions. Of cause, there is a variety. You can select any of them according to your personality, receiver’s personality, mood, type of message, and suitable for any feeling or situation.

Animoji for iPhone X

When emoji was introduced to mobile phones, it was interesting and a useful innovation. But now the next level of emoji which we call animoji has become the coolest and the stunning feature to the entire mobile technology. Like never before anyone can use their own customised emojis without limiting to the emoji faces we had earlier. This classic innovation has become one of the key features of iPhone X. This was a surprise for all iPhone fans as well as for all mobile users to have such an intelligent technology.

Animoji is like a unique identity for the all-new iPhone X. This new technology could attract the whole world’s attention on the new iPhone X. The brand name and the value of apple will definitely rise with this new innovation. All this glory comes with the stunning camera and the face detection technology of new apple mobile. From now on every iPhone will have this feature to make its users happy and satisfied.


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